Tuesday, 13 August 2013

Just A Mum

People have been trying to get me to start writing for a while, my husband wants me to write our story, for now, I think I will start a blog.

So why "Just A Mum", it's inspired by something a lovely mama said to me one day when we were in a group together, "I'm not like the rest of you", she said, "I'm just a mum", and I replied "There is no such thing as Just A Mum".

"Just a mum", is the most important thing a mum can be, one thing we all have in common is we grow our babies inside us, we have home births and hospital births, we breast feed and bottle feed, we co-sleep and cot sleep, we routine and unroutine, we have order and we have chaos.

But the one thing that unites us all is we have all spent around 40 weeks carrying and growing that precious life inside, we have all known that moment, that magical, most wonderous moment, when the life we have created becomes ours, a part of us, but separate from us.

And for an adoptive mother, because they too are a mum, there is more than biology involved in being a mum, there is love.

I had a friend, who was adopted, her mother went on after years of infertility, to have a boy, but she was special her mother told her, "WE CHOSE YOU, other mummies and daddies get the baby they are given, we wanted YOU so", their closeness touched me.

They have left us now, my friend and her mother, and I hope they are reunited somewhere - mother and daughter together.

So Just a Mum is a play on words, its the simplest of terms, encompassing the most complex and most fundamentally basic of relationships.

Just A mum, the most wonderful and heart breaking thing I have ever been.

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